Welcome to the web site of Leanne Thomas Atkins,

Contemporary realist painter.

“Annies Art Worx”

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Artist statement

Creating art work has never been a difficult process it has been part of who I am from an early age.

I’ve always had a pencil in hand drawing anything and everything that surrounded me.  As a child traveling and prospecting with my family around the small historical towns of NSW I would draw the Australia landscape with its old homesteads, fallen down bull nosed verandas and broken picket fences.

Growing up on the land with hard working farming parents has influenced my perspective on life and established the values I have today. This is reflected in my art work – always taking time to look and appreciate the beauty in the small things that surrounds me from painting a simple daisy growing at the back door to a commission for a local farmer of his old dog that had sadly passed. With each new piece of work comes an exciting new challenge and sense of achievement knowing I can give back my own interpretation of a subject that is personal and pleasing to the eye.

Loving life in Rural Dungog NSW, working on the land with sick, rescued and injured equines was something that came natural – I thought it was something I would always do until May 2013 when my perspective on the world surrounding me changed dramatically after being diagnosed with a malignant melanoma.

IMG_9220After two successful operations I came out the other end finding I didn’t have strength in my arm to lift that bale of hay or handle the unwilling equine any more but there was nothing stopping me from picking up a paint brush… I dragged out my paints and easel and begin to paint again.  The sense of purpose my painting had always given me during past hard times this time felt different. My work and attitude had changed and it was no longer a task I felt had to be completed to perfection but now gave me the tools to express myself using heavy brushstrokes, fine lines, bold colour and texture.  I was able to work through the emotions I was feeling which helped my recovery.

So where do I go from here? They say: “never put off something until tomorrow when you can do it today.”

That brings me to today I have been given the opportunity to show through my art the things I have been lucky to experience see and do.